Corporate website development

We make corporate websites on our conscience, and not for quantity

You can’t say that a company is exist if it doesn’t have a website. And if an organization has plans to expend itself on international level, then obtaining presentable corporate website becomes an important goal. What a coincidence – that’s exactly what we do! Since you are here, that can mean only one thing – your business requires a proper way to present itself throughout the throughout the internet. So, it’s time to finally find it.

Getting into your corporate image

Wibe doesn’t have “I say – you do” principle. We nurture business of our clients along with them. Business owners pretty often want their website to be just like their competitors have, but that’s not what will guarantee success of your business at all. First of all, we dive into the specifics of our client and try to learn all its characteristics, analyze market positioning and discuss with our clients the most perspective solutions.

Steadily building our way to the success

When we will achieve consensus with you, the whole thing will begin to gain momentum. Since corporate webiste development is a complex and painstaking process, it is important to give enough attention to every stage. The more detailed technical document is, the easier will be the process. That’s why we’re making an emphasis on this fundamental step with help of our clients.

Based on the approved document, we will:

  • Think over the process structure
  • Create prototype and work on adaptive design
  • Manage our time for PSD to HTML code conversion and programming part
  • Test website on bugs and then fix them in parallel with web development
  • Implement CRM databases and telephony
  • Generate and place content (or work with materials that you will provide us, supplementing it if necessary)

Any corporate website also implies SEO optimization for better visibility in web search engine’s results. It’s an important step if you really want not just present yourself, but take a hold in your field.

Why corporate website?

There are landing pages, one-page websites, online stores and web-resources with a simple structure. All options are fine if chosen for a right type of business. But when we talk about a huge company, the best suited option is a corporate one. Basically, it represents an entire infrastructure of your organization throughout the internet. The resource equally introduces your company to potential clients, provides a comprehensive information about your services and allows you to set up the automation process of ordering services.

To order a corporate website from us, simply fill in the application on our website. You will know the price right after we discuss the complexity and amount of work, as well as estimate time needed for development.