Pay Per Click

Contextual advertising — set up without upset

Why Pay Per Click advertising is so in demand? Because it’s fast, it’s effective, but at the same time it’s demands the right approach. Otherwise, the budget will flow like water through the sieve. We don’t allow it and even more — we do everything to cut cost for click on the ads.  Though, Adwords management implies the opportunity to entrust all to the robot, but this way means more cash spending.

Take PPC in our hands

Why hunt for the leads for months, if you can take them just at few days? And for the save a lot of costs in process you need to configure prices by yourself and do another manipulations. There are a lot Pay Per Click services that you can use today, but it also connected with money expenses. It also applies doubtful specialists, which propose services for configuration of contextual advertising. Result in this case often doesn’t live up to expectations. We save the situation and optimize done campaigns. But sometimes the customer and we decide together that the creation of new one is more expedient.

What exactly we do for getting happiness from context advertising

  • Research features of your business, portrait of target customer and more effective methods of influence on him. Also we choose the most suitable type of campaign on the basis of these data
  • With help of such tool as Google Keyword Planner we select commercial queries — keywords, which is correspond to your field of activity
  • We set up the targeting relying on gender, age, geo-reference and interests of potential clients (it helps significantly reduce click price)
  • Selecting of thematic sites for the placement and calculation of budget
  • Launching of campaign, monthly audit for efficiency mark, and reporting

This setting does not end with Google Adwords contextual advertising. We regularly look for new ways to improve performance, we connect seo and social media marketing. And that’s not all.

Come back, I’ll sell you all!

Customers not always buy some things on your site for several reasons. Nevertheless, they’ve been interested! Basing on this, we in Wibe configure one of the important PPC management services — remarketing. These tool shows advertising to those customers who have already visited your site before. For creating of really interest advertisements we draw up the list of remarketing in Google Analytics. As a result customer see only that ads which is most relevant to his interests.

How much is it costs?

When the configuring of contextual advertising is done correct, the costs are significantly lower than in case with automatic bets and absence of detail targeting settings. All depends on the budget for advertising campaign in Adwords. This information defines terms and possible results of internet marketing. If you in doubts of calculating of budget we will give you the PPC consult about costs and other moments before the beginning of work.

Submit your application on the specified form on our site and prepare to get positive results from digital marketing!