SEO services — we make of you a search engine superstar

How do your competitors manage to rank top positions in Google search results? They definitely know something. Especially in terms of SEO-optimization of its resources. If you are not yet using this method, don’t be surprised why your internet marketing going so slow. With us, you will break through the first lines of search results, get 2-3 times more visitors on your web resource. And along with them – increased sales figures.

Hard way to the top — we act step by step, and don’t sell your soul

While competitors in business spend money, buying advertising positions, we will choose another way. It means:

  • SEO-audit of your site (identify “holes” that were not solved at the creation and promotion of a resource);
  • Analysis of user-friendliness, or saying another words , usability of your site;
  • Keyword research — base of key phrases matching users’ queries when searching your business on the Internet;
  • Writing texts using exact and diluted occurrences of keywords (taking into account the informativeness and readability of the text);
  • On page and off page SEO (semantic image processing, adding metadata, code enhancement, setting up internal linking, increase in external links);

Haste makes waste

Just want to warn that the SEO gives visible results not immediately – you need two to three months to feel the effect. Of course, pay per click advertising in this case wins at the expense of short terms, but it requires much more systematic monetary investments. However, if you choose only ppc, ignoring SEO, it will not be possible and close to achieve the desired profit.

Integrated internet marketing — attack from all flanks

It’s Important to understand, that Internet marketing includes several channels at once. Using one SEO, contextual advertising or SMM – is bad for business. What will happen to you if you start eating only chocolate? It also works in Internet marketing – it is necessary to use all its segments. Have you already used PPC and social networks and do you think the results are good? Add SEO optimization and they will be great!

Filling a simple form is enough to order a website promotion from us. After that we are spelled out all the details and determines the strategy. When your site hits the top 10 of Google’s search results, this is not the end. We systematically analyze indicators, improve content and improve semantics. This is especially true with the promotion of online stores, where you need a good optimization of cards and product catalogs.

Time to throw wood in the SEO oven and bring your business to the next level!