Social Media Marketing

Making customers closer to you through social networks

Among the tools of Internet marketing, social media marketing has, perhaps, the greatest universality. No matter what type of business you are engaged in, SMM gives you the opportunity to use non-standard approaches to reach the target audience more. Business is far from being limited to posts cats, because you have a lot of opportunities for experimentation and a direct channel of communication with potential customers. We create and maintain social accounts for your business, regularly attracting new subscribers and increasing conversion, creating sales funnels.

Only sincere likes and comments

Wrapping and SMM promotion is a toxic mixture. Mass Following – is self-deception. We don’t welcome this approach, because it is ineffective. Collecting uninterested subscribers is only a short-term illusion that you have an active account. But in the era of bots the user can not be fooled, so you need to really reach out to him. How do we do this? With the help of a thoughtful marketing strategy and emotions, of course. And more precisely:

  • on the basis of a detailed analysis of your field of activity, we form a portrait of the target consumer, we study his interests and preferences;
  • choose suitable platforms (mostly Instagram and Facebook);
  • We develop a content plan for months ahead and make regular posts;
  • Set up targeted ads so that only relevant users see the publication.;
  • we introduce various activities and competitions (actions, drawings for husks and reposts);
  • We create and moderate internal groups and communities on the pages to maintain order among subscribers and maintain a reputation;
  • prepare and provide reports on the achieved indicators.

Thus, the promotion of business in social networks brings results in the first 1-2 months.

Highlight your brand from the crowd with our help

That your company is not lost in the raging digital stream, we use the promotion of the brand in social networks, as a way to increase loyalty.

Simply put, we form a positive image that is firmly rooted in the minds of subscribers and encourages them to buy or order services from you.

In view of the specificity of the method, at SMM promotion price is set based on the techniques involved, deadlines and deliverables. When using targeted advertising for promotion in social networks, the cost is different, but the effect is different. In any case, we are talking about all the nuances, immediately after you leave our application. And since you have finished reading, it’s time!