5 non-secret expedients how to increase sales

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Increase sales without black magic and spam

Has sales became harder or you do something wrong? Both cases can be a reason, so let’s figure out how to increase sales, and to count profits with smile.

There are actually a lot of ways, but we will consider only the most effective options to get more profit in online sales.

Clear positioning – do you know exactly who you are?

The primary task is to determine the form, style and segment where you are going to offer your service or product. If you have a clear goal, an approach and you know exactly what is your target audience, this item can be safely omitted. Are you standing on the border of two niches? Are you jumping from the sale of underwear to the wholesales of winter outer clothes? This “acrobatics” would get you in trouble and you will continue to ask yourself how to increase sales on the Internet. Highlight the goal, find your unique selling proposition and determine the corporate language you are going to speak with by your customers.

Suitable sales channels – stop fishing in the forest

You know for sure that your target customer age ranges from 16 to 30 years, but at the same time you do not use active promotion in social networks? Is your audience older and analytics shows that emails are open more often than browsing posts on Instagram? In such cases why do you continue to persistently engage in the presentation of a product or service where it is almost not interested?

Contrast Perception – Everything Is Compared

Even if you are still a little ashamed to brag about the figures of your own achievements, find smaller numbers and put them nearby. You have made 20 web sites, and someone 5 ones, someone has an average ROI of 324%, and you have more than 1000%. But in any case, do not parasitize on the modest performance of young competitors because it can seriously damage the reputation. It would be better if you focus on the benefits of your offers. Buying your pillows, people become 30% more productive, since they sleep better? Tell about that more often in your offers and business proposals!

Become friends with contextual advertising

Had you been horrified by the number of buttons in Google Adwords advertising cabinet or Yandex.Direct and decided to do everything with the good old method of thumb to decide, following the standard system recommendations? Do not be surprised that there are no sales and no budget. To avoid it and to justify every penny invested, making a decent profit at the same time, do the following:


  • hire a good PPC specialist if you don’t already have one;
  • consult with an experienced internet marketer and set up your own advertising campaign under his/her guidance;
  • use only manual setting of bets per click or a proven bid manager (service or program for optimal bidding);
  • refuse ineffective campaigns and optimize the promising ones as more as possible;
  • choose the format of product ads if you are looking for a solution on how to increase online store sales through a visual representation of the product.

Be a guide, not a dictator

Yes, users really like to be guided. The guidance includes not only tips and recommendations on the resource, but also more direct calls to action. To avoid the consumer’s negative reaction to your call to action, try to be softer, i.e. avoid rough “buy it now” but focus on the benefits. For example: “You will get a 15% discount if you buy goods for the amount of …” is not really the most aesthetic and delicate option, but it is softer in any case. By the way, speaking of discounts, we recommend to operate with them more actively, as it is one of the most effective ways to increase sales in the online store, so let your customers enjoy the discounts more often!

We cannot guarantee that all these methods will put you in the top positions of the Forbes magazine, but it is highly likely that you will see an increase in profit.