6 ways to make your email marketing more effective

Reading time: 5 minutes

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Some people say email marketing is dead and daily check of your email box has long become a routine. But the research in this field has shown that about 21% of all users have claimed that at least one one message for the past month was interesting and valuable.

Can you imagine how many emails and how much effort was wasted? Email marketing is still a powerful and effective tool for attracting customers though. All you need to do is to learn using this instrument.

An effective electronic mail has to be valuable, short, interesting and relevant for the recipient. There are many examples, that may help you understand what makes a perfect email for both marketers and users.

1. Valuable proposition

You shouldn’t do mailing just because “it’s time”. The content of a letter has to be interesting and appealing, as well as provide recipient with relevant information. In other words, you have to get to this 21% of mails that will be opened and not sent to the trash.

2. The importance of a subject

According to Convince & Convert, 33% of all e-mail recipients open their emails based on the subject line. This is really shows the effectiveness of a chosen subject, which shouldn’t be too simple or too specific and promotional. The subject line will also help you avoid spam folder and therefore, perhaps, this is the most basic component of a well-organized email marketing.

3. Brevity is the soul of talent

No one is going to read a wall of text with a substantial amount of general information, since electronic email isn’t some kind of a magazine. Try to fit the necessary text into several small paragraphs and present it in the most accessible way so that there is no confusion with with the play on words. At times of visual abundance, a minimalistic style in design brings more efficiency than carefully crafted vivid banners. Black and white concept is always a winning option!

4. Make customers feel special

An individual approach is always valued above the standardized solutions. A small discount on your services as a gift for the birthday of your client, or an offer developed specifically for the user’s personal interests has ten times more chances of success.

5. Encourage via email marketing

Effective email is structured in a way that directs users to perform a certain action, like a simple redirection to another website or making a purchase. It is possible to stimulate potential clients with both visual effects and figure of speech.

6. Be different – use creative approach

Your email should not be boring, that is why creativity – is the essential part of an effective advertisement. There are many parameters that affect the results of your email marketing campaign, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop experimenting.
Study your audience, be creative and helpful, provide only relevant information and achieve success!