B2B sales – what is it? How to sell in the B2B market?

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There are two main business models – sales B2B and B2C. In the first case, it is business to business, in the second case, it is business to consumer. We will take a look on the first option, when business persons sell something to their “colleagues”.

For example, there is a company that sells or leases the construction equipment to developers. This is B2B. Sounds easy? In fact, everything is much more complicated because of the huge competition. The companies constantly have to reduce prices to remain viable. As a result of this race, someone remains bankrupt, since production costs exceed profits. But, of course, this outcome can be avoided.


  1. Find out what the customer needs

Selling something to another company is much more difficult than to the average customer. Because of that, it is necessary to thoroughly study your client. Unlike B2C, there is no place for emotions. Your purchaser will be based solely on its needs. Identifying these needs is your main task. If you have succeeded with it, then sales in the B2B segment will not turn into a crash for you. But do not relax – this is just the beginning.

To study a rational customer is a scrupulous process. So below are some helpful tips:

  • the client will be interested only in the wholesale price of your goods or services;
  • companies weigh everything for a long time and compare price with quality;
  • companies make large purchases – recommend yourself from the very first transaction;
  • remember that relationship with companies is long-lasting, and any mistake will cost you a lot of money.


  1. Personalization and promotion

It is impossible to imagine sales in the B2B market without a good website with SEO-optimization. You don’t just have to have a web resource – your customers need to find it quickly. Active promotion in search engines is necessary. In addition, you must also take care of the site design, and feedback form.

Don’t overdo it. Remember that you need not just to be remembered, but to come to a deal. Find a middle ground in the design and presentation of your business proposals. Let users see the positive feedback from your customers. Be sure to link online chat to your resource or organize another form of communication.

  1. The success of the fast response

Companies value their time – respond to applications as soon as possible. If you have not contacted the customer within a few days, consider it is lost. Despite the rush job you may be, always try to respond to customer requests as soon as you can.

Yes, of course, it is not always possible to respond promptly, but you will not always do it personally. If at first you will not have sales managers, the whole department will appear over time.

Sales department arrangement

Imagine that your employees are more or less aware of how to sell B2B services. To prevent the effectiveness of the department from falling, you need to keep it in good shape. It can be achieved by the following ways:

  • Sales plan and motivation – set the bar for expected results and implement a reward system.
  • The necessary information in a full volume. If the manager cannot thoroughly describe your product or service, it is likely that the transaction will fail. Provide maximum information and conduct internal training for employees.
  • Review your indicators regularly and think about how you can improve them.

I know how to sell B2B to big customers!

It’s great if this is true, but the figures will show everything. But seriously, self-confidence has no place in this business segment. There is always something to be improved or completely changed. We remind you that it is not so easy to work with large companies. What is definitely not worth doing is to enter into a race with competitors to reduce prices.

Do not confuse the organization with the retail customer. These are two completely different audiences. Adhere to these rules and you will get a long and fruitful cooperation with customers.