Corporate identity & Branding

Positive colors and catchy fonts — making your own corporate brand identity

Think having a website is enough to present yourself and outrace your competitors? If you ignore branding and corporate identity part of the development, then definitely no. But what does it take to stand out and become truly unique in the eyes of your consumer? The answer is much closer than you think – contact us. Why? At least because that way your web-resource will be able to gain its “individuality”

Be an eyeful, not an eyesore

During the web design development, the development of the corporate brand identity of the company sometimes suffers from the excessive desire of customers to be catchy. Sure, bright colors, interesting symbols and original style certainly attract attention, but once user is on your site, he may face a visual chaos, thus he is not thinking about buying, but rather how to close the browser tab quickly. We approve catchy solutions, but only if the design elements are harmoniously designed and assembled. To achieve this result, we do the following:

  • studying your business, comparing it with what your competitors has to offer and defining the most suitable graphic solutions
  • preparing a brand book and a mockup of your website design, where all the color and styles are included, as well as the main logo and main font type.
  • making amends to the mock up if needed after presentation
  • sending approved mockup for PSD to HTML conversion

Playing mind games using visualization

Without any doubt, corporate identity and logo development is a defining stage for further user experience. A successful combination of all graphic elements has almost a hypnotic effect on potential customers. Thus, the mind of a person forms the image of your company, which will instantly appear with every mention of your organization. You will become more recognizable thanks to the unique identity, which will lead to the growth of of the company’s popularity and, as a result, the influx of new interested users.

Get in touch and run your business in style

If you got interested in corporate identity and branding, the price for which we discuss separately, then fill in the application right now, there is no need to waste any more time. We will get in touch with you shortly, so that we could discuss the details and set the direction for further work. So, what do you think? Isn’t it time to “get a new look” to provide festive welcome to conversion marketing?