Web Design

Creating presentable appearance for a website

New York is looking at web design from different angles, because there are as much web studios in the city as colorful personalities. So who business owners should contact who’s needed not just a website, but really attractive and selling web resource? It’s those who have a portfolio, a special approach to all stages of work, provide a wide range of services and a memorable name, like Wibe, for example. And now let’s talk about how we do design for a website.

Download a template, change the colors and it’s done – peace of cake! Right?

If you want to do a service for your competitors and send them some clients, then it could be a pretty descent method. But something tells us that this is not the way you are looking for. But your own website with a corporate identity, logo and convenient user interface – is something that is much closer to the truth. Any decent designer would tell you that, but so happened that there aren’t many of them in NYC. Fortunately, we managed to find specialists who have not only good taste, but also excellent skills.

Here is how we work on web design in Wibe:

  • making a detailed technical document based on deep studying of your company and its main advantages
  • developing user experience of the website — entire structure of the resource and convenient interaction with it
  • making a mock up of the design, that consists of all the corporate identity elements, navigation and additional visual solutions
  • approved mock up is going to be converted into HTML code, adapted to all brosers

What do we consider in the first place

Web design isn’t just some stage of web development for us, it’s an essential part of a marketing strategy. The look of your future web resource will have direct influence on your growth and your profit. It’s important for us to present your business to your target audience and think through its image to make it stable and positive. To do so, we will transform your company’s idea itself into visual one with a complex of design solutions.

How to use our help to avoid impersonality on the Internet

It will be enough to fill in a simple application if you want to order a web design service specifically from our web design company – just fill all the fields with necessary information and it won’t take us to long to start preparation process of your triumphal appearance on digital-space. The price fo web design service is going to be discussed after we estimate the amount of work and discuss additional requirements with you.