Ecommerce website development

E-commerce development — let’s make your business dream come true

Do you consider the e-commerce website development as an excellent opportunity, but do not know how to start? Here is the hint – contact us. We will help you to reach a promising business goal, bypassing all the obstacles that are so often take place in web studios work. Moreover, Wibe will tell you what key points should be taken into account so that your e-commerce project could not only start vigorously, but also outraced the competitors

Have you seen my SEO?

In most cases, e-commerce website development process suffers from the same problem – the lack of SEO-optimization potential. Imagine that you have opened your fashion e-store, but for requests like “buy jeans” or “men’s white shirt” search engines provides user with the links to other stores in the Google top. How many jeans and t-shirts do you think are you going to sell in this case?

We carefully collect the semantics (a set of medium and high-frequency key phrases for users’ requests) so that your store gets into the first lines of the search results as soon as possible. Although the stage of web resource SEO optimization is not the first one, but nevertheless it is one of the most important steps and the key to a successful launch of the project.

What else do we do so that you don’t pay for rent

To create a turnkey e-commerce website, one should act step by step. It is absolutely not our approach – to take a ready-to use template, quickly fill it with content and throw out to the hosting after minimal page-making. Our way is mentioned below.


  • Analytics and preparation of a detailed technical task (including mapping of the structure and functionality, selection of an appropriate CMS platform for management, integration with social networks, email services, additional functions and marketing solutions, such as automated stock blocks and special offers).
  • Visual solutions (creation of prototypes and design layouts taking into account the specifics of the future web resource).
  • The nuances of web development (coding, page-making, work on the product management system and the creation of cards for them, application forms and orders, information sections).
  • Testing, launching and continuous growth (by the time we are ready to hand over a fully tested e-commerce web site, the stage of an active SMM, SEO, e-mail marketing and contextual advertising promotion begins).

Say no more, or how to order an e-commerce website

You’re only one step away from the collaboration with Wibe – just fill in the application form on our website and we will contact you shortly to discuss our further work. With regard to prices of a landing page development, it really depends on the complexity of work and time needed for realization. Everything of this is going to be discussed with you in details.