Google has introduced Google Ads

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Google AdWords has existed for almost 18 years to simplify our interaction with our own business. It solved a lot of problems for us, assisted to submit the information to the target audience correctly, using it in the most efficient way. However, over 18 years, too much has

changed, and today Google stunned the world with the completely new trends in its advertising solutions: we welcome Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. These tools are ready to reflect a variety of ways to connect advertisers with the audience and open up the new perspectives to explore, monitor and manage all the features of the company in details.


Google Ads is the completely updated tool that incorporates the whole range of advertising potential offered by Google and other resources, its websites and applications. The communication between marketing managers and billions of ordinary people who active use a search engine, watch video content on YouTube channels that interact with geolocation, as well as with the applications in Google Play and the usual content surfing in the Internet will be much easier.

Google Ads - Logo

In its update, Google did not bypass the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, and adapted the updated versions of campaigns in Google Ads for newcomers in the field of promotion. It means that even the unprepared person will be able to easily master and fully manage the marketing campaigns with the assistance of understandable technology of training provided by Google.

Another update is the collaboration of DoubleClick and the well-known Google Analytics 360 into one single platform, which is going to be named Google Marketing Platform. Moreover, it is planned to integrate another updated and very convenient Display & Video 360 service into its interface. Using it, all functions in DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio, and also Audience Center will be combined, which will enable all creative teams and agencies to develop marketing campaigns in a full volume with the highest level of visualization.

The evolution of tools for business problems solutions and marketing campaigns undoubtedly opens up the new development opportunities for both small companies and large corporations. There is no need to interact with several resources that you need at the same time. Google tried to put everything together in the most convenient and functional way!

The launch of all updates is planned for the next month, which will allow us very soon to appreciate all the advantages, and maybe disadvantages, of such a large-scale project from Google.