How to make a customer fall in love with your brand?

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“People do not buy things based on logic – they buy at the behest of their emotions.” (c) Zig Ziglar

In the words of Mr. Ziglar a simple truth is contained: in order to attract customers and keep them for life you need not only to acquaint them with your brand, business or product. You should have customers to fall in love with it.

Creating a customer-oriented brand policy is a business opportunity that cannot be ignored. Most businesses fail when it comes to the experience to work with customers. It gives you the opportunity to avoid competitors mistakes and win love of your customers.

The figures of truth:

• Only 37% of established brands deserved good or excellent customer service index rates in 2017.

• 64% of companies got “OK”, “Bad” or “Very Bad” feedback from their consumers.

• Up to 70% of customers are really agree to pay more for a good attitude.

• The average annual cost of each client lost to an average company is US$289!

Five “Cupid arrows” in the quiver of your brand

1. Unobtrusive but friendly

A person who liked the service in 72% of cases will return to you again, and in 38% will recommend you to theis friends.

2. Ideal customer

Every brand has an ideal consumer – one who feels that this brand is intended for him/her. The main goal of market managers is to identify this customer, determine his/her functional, emotional and social needs. The next task is to improve the relationship between these needs and what your brand offers.

3. Do not listen, but to consider your audience.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization. Listening to them, take into account their wishes in order to improve the quality of your company!

4. Watch your promises.

The fulfillment of your promises helps to demonstrate the loyalty of your business, causes a sense of trust and reliability among the audience. Meet your expectations to provide the realistic goals that can be met.

5. The golden rule

Whatever happens the customer is always right. This is the golden rule that will enable your business to grow and develop, starting with customer service and up to the expanding your company.

Follow these recommendations, but do not forget that at the heart of the whole is the persistence of your brand. If you position yourself with the “soul”, you certainly conquer your customers!