How to set up Google AdWords remarketing campaigns

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In Google AdWords, remarketing campaigns offer advertisers the additional tactics to attract potential customers to their website and to improve overall conversion rates.


Remarketing campaigns allow businesses to stay in touch with the target audience after the visitors have left the resource, via their advertising on other websites. The users who have already visited your site are likely to interact more actively with your ads. Therefore, after the first visit, they are entered into a specific database and selected by the target audience.

As a rule, returning visitors browse more pages, and more often such a visit ends with the purchase of a product or service. Thus, remarketing can be an extremely powerful tool to increase your return on investments.


There are three main components to create and activate a remarketing campaign for your Google AdWords account.

  1. Selection of audience for remarketing. This is necessary to bring together the websites visitors, who can then become purchasers. The audience, in fact, is a set of users who are qualified on the basis of requirements set by the advertiser.
  2. Create a remarketing campaign in your Google AdWords account. This procedure is similar to the standard campaign setup in AdWords.
  3. Add a series of text or image ads to the created campaign.

Some more details.

  • After logging in to your Google AdWords account, click the “Shared Library” link in the lower navigation bar on the left. Then go to the “Audiences” section. If this is your first time doing that, you will need to add a remarketing tag to your site. This small code fragment allows visitors to mark cookies necessary for your ads.
  • Google AdWords will automatically create an “All Visitors” audience list to help you to get started. This list brings together all visitors who have visited your site. Then enter the duration of the data in the list, which will determine how long the visitor’s cookie will remain in your database. The default is about 30 days. When you create a list and add a remarketing tag to your site, the audience of visitors will begin to fill up.
  • The time has come you to pay attention to creating an AdWords remarketing campaign directly. To begin the process, go to the “Campaigns” tab of your AdWords account and click the “+Campaign” button. Then select “Display Network only”. Select the Display Network in Google AdWords only. Go through the managed process to complete the campaign setup.

Name your first ad group (usually the same name as the created audience), set the initial default bid, and then select “Interests and Remarketing” as the targeting parameter. After that select “Remarketing Lists” as the targeting category.

  • Click the arrow on the right of the “All Visitors” list to select it. Completion of this process has assigned the remarketing list you have created to the remarketing campaign that has been put together.

How to upload image ads to Google AdWords

Before adding image ads to your campaign, make sure that all banner ads are formatted in accordance with the Google requirements.

After your ads are configured properly, add them to your campaign. Once all your ads have been uploaded to your account, click “Save ads” to complete the setup process.

Done! After creating a list and remarketing campaign, as well as ads loading, you are ready to show ads.