Online store Hydroel

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Online store for selling hydraulic systems and its components Hydroel

High load online store + ERP-system for managing internal business processes

Technologies: PHP7, Native JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL.

List of completed tasks:

  • Initial project architecture development
  • Dynamic selection of corresponding products based on the attributes of the main product.
  • Development of flexible margin system by categories and groups of users, as well as margin group removal in the form of products fixed prices for groups or a specific user.
  • Further development of price display with markups in the context of the category, as well as calculating the percentage of the purchase price (technologies used: JS workers and queues for displaying the page);
  • A monitoring system was developed with the purpose of informing administrator about the system status.
  • Implemented the functionality of restricting access rights to the entity, as well as the ability to grant access to other users;
  • Printed forms were implemented for orders, projects, suppliers with the ability to view in browser, download in PDF, auto upload of a PDF file to the cloud + all file formats support.
  • Realization price calculator was developed for ordering in foreign currency according to the current exchange rate
  • We developed an automatically generated list of products based on customers orders that is automatically implemented to the order for a supplier.
  • Implemented a system of composite products. Each product can be disassembled / assembled into separate components.
  • Development of a logging system for the entire project
  • Each section has a universal smart search for all attributes and entities with the possibility of using regular phrases and additional filters: by date, by entity, by user, by type, etc.
  • Each entity has a blocking system if edited by multiple users
  • Initially: 1C8 УТ and integration (as well as continuous configuration development)
  • Development of a universal customization configurator, which allows you to create composite products based on other products from the store, as well as configurator products: //
  • Development of a complex admin panel for setting up the configurator:
  • Complete two-way data synchronization via WSDL protocol “1С8 БП <-> store” of: directories, documents, products (any change is updated instantly), categories (types of nomenclature, groups), orders, balance, receipts, sales, etc.
  • Store integration with https://wriк, two-way exchange (+ webhookie from wrike)
  • API development for the platform (OAuth 2.0);
  • Further development of BPM ProcessMaker for the needs of the customer, as well as integration with the system itself –;