Landing Page Creation

We’re coming in for a landing. No turbulence.

Have you ever thought why so many people became interested in landing pages lately? That is due to the simplicity of presenting your business to potential clients. Why it’s us who you should contact to discuss creation of a landing page? The answer is simple – we don’t rely on obsolete template “to do list” making hips of quick, easy money. We help our customers to develop their business.

What’s a Landing Page development by Wibe team version?

What is your field of activity and what results are you trying to achieve? These are the questions we always ask our clients who decide to order a landing page. More clients, more orders, more profit – the answer is clear. But is the decision to create a landing page so obvious? The process won’t start until we decide together what suits your business better – a one-page or a full-fledged corporate website.

“Congratulations, you’ve got a landing page!”

So, we have come to a decision that it is going to be a landing page. At this stage we ‘re going to:

  • Analyze the field of your business in details
  • Watch your competitors closely
  • Try to determine the most dangerous players in your field and analyze their working methods
  • Develop a unique selling proposition (USP) and define your positioning

And that is not all.

Let’s put our prototypes on display

Based on all the collected data about your activities we prepare a prototype for the further development of the site without design components. In another words, we demonstrate the “skeleton” with all the functional elements, so that you can assess how the resource is user-friendly.

The gradient suits you perfectly – let’s make the design

It’s time to work on a visual part of the landing page. At this stage, we use the full potential of our designers to choose the style, colors, fonts and work out the animation. All this is drawn, and then sent to the page-making. The final touches include the implementation of CMS for one-page site.

Order impossible to refuse. Where is the comma?

In fact, you don’t have to solve riddles and puzzles to order landing page in our company. Leave your order in our site and it is enough for us to contact you and discuss all the details. The price may vary depending on the complexity of your requirements. But be sure that your profit will grow when the users will have the convenient way to interact with you.