Pay Per Click

Contextual advertising — set up but not upset

Why Pay Per Click advertising is in high demand? Because it’s fast, it’s effective, but at the same time it demands the right approach. Otherwise, the budget will flow like water through the sieve. We don’t allow it and even more — we do everything to cut cost for click on the ads. Though Google Adwords setting up implies the opportunity to entrust everything to the robot, but this way means cost increases.

We take PPC in our own hands

Why spend months hunting for leads if you can get them in just a couple of days? But keep in mind that to avoid money waste you have to set CPC and perform the other manipulations. Our clients often dare to take this step or they trust the maintenance of contextual advertising to doubtful specialists. The final result does not meet expectations. In such cases we save the situation and undertake to optimize the finished advertising campaigns. But sometimes we come to the general conclusion with our customers that it would be more expedient to simply create a new one.

What we do exactly to be pleased with the context advertising

  • We research the features of your business, the portrait of target customers and more effective methods of influence on them. Also we choose the most suitable type of campaign on the basis of these data
  • using the Google Keyword Planner tool, we select commercial queries or, in other words, the keywords that correspond to your field of activity;
  • We set up the targeting based on gender, age, geo-referencing as well as the interests of your potential customers (it can significantly reduce the cost of a click);
  • we select thematic platforms for placement and we count the budget;
  • We launch a campaign, conduct a monthly audit to assess the effectiveness, form and provide the reports.

The setting of Google Adwords contextual advertising is not yet finished at this stage. We regularly look for new ways to improve performance, including SEO and social media promotion. And that is not all.

Come back, I’ll sell you all!

For some reasons the users not always can make a purchase on your site. But nevertheless something has interested them! Based on this, Google Adwords remarketing is set up in Wibe. The advertising is shown to those who have turned halfway from becoming your client. To show these uses the interesting advertisements we create remarketing lists using Google Analytics data. It means that, if a person watched a section with vacuum cleaners on your site, he will not see ads from the section with fridges.

How mich does it cost?

When the setting up of contextual advertising is carried out properly, the price is significantly lower than with automatic CPCs and in case of the absence of elaborated targeting. Everything depends on what budget do you plan to allocate for an advertising campaign in Adwords. Based on this information, the timing and approximate results of the work on Internet marketing are determined. In case of problem with the budget calculation we can recommend the most appropriate sum that can be allocated before the work has started.
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