Rootexx Platform

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B2B cloud solution for procurement organiztion and electronic sales process automation

Technologies: PHP5, jQuery, ExtJS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL.

List of completed tasks:

  • Development of a supplier’s price-list parsing system with FTP, email, http and manual upload. After parsing, all products are collected in a single directory with different prices form different suppliers, taking into account the possibility of wholesaling and the number of available products.
  •  Attributes, photos, description from third-party sources receipt is developed for each product
  • API development for data export to users online store (CMS), as well as personal setting for each user (what suppliers and groups of products to unload and a possibility to set margins to the supplier price).
  • A possibility to edit received products and a flexible configuration of the parsing system in the administrative area of the site.
  • Implemented analytics system based on the prices of competitors and selection of the optimal product cost, taking into account the margins of a user.
  • Price statistics and currency dynamics for the possibility of unloading in the selected currency, regardless of the currency in which a purchase is made
  • In terms of marketing, we developed a system of coupons and shares, as well as key words generation for search engines.