Sale funnel. We lead your clients to purchases

The way from a simple user to a client is built in several steps. At first, attention is captured (Attention), then an interest is formed (Interest), a decision is made (Decision), and finally an Action is performed (Action). Yes, this is the very same AIDA model that sales managers and marketers have been faithfully adhering for more than decades. It is used to set up sales funnels, and we know how to do it better in the modern realities of Internet marketing. You will get ready customers, without any efforts!

Fill up CRM to the top and automate it to the utmost

A huge amount of data is collected and processed to make your business successful. But how to put together all the data from analytics, social networks and contextual advertising to turn leads into customers? It can be done using the correct setting of the sales funnel through the CRM system (Customer Relationship Management). In so doing neither you nor your employees need to puzzle over how to adjust the whole process, because we do everything for you.

How does it work?

  • there is lead, cold as ice, but ready to warm up;
  • we carry it through the funnel with additional preferences;
  • Customer gets all necessary information about benefits and ready to the next step
  • Purchase and payment

We emphasize that all stages are automated, which means that you save a lot of time, effort and money to attract customers.

What we use to set up the funnel

First of all it is of course all the data and results obtained using the tools of Internet marketing, contextual advertising and SEO site promotion. Besides that it is CRM system, where we connect analytics services. We set up sales funnel through a functional progressive service. We have found out the most convenient option that allows us to achieve results more effectively, thus ensuring your profit grows.

Google Analytics sales funnels setup is the part of the overall process. Using Google analytical tools we get detailed information about all stages of the user’s advancement to the final goal. So do not leave the adjustment of the funnel too long – leave your application right now and in no time the sales start to grow rapidly. Somewhere your leads get idle – it is time to convert them and get real profit, isn’t it?