Startup: how to create a site that sells?

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Startup sites development

In contrast to the creation of “classic” web resources, the startup projects sites development stands out due to its vast scope for creativity.

We mean not just a flashy shell with non-standard functionality, but really a set of original solutions that sell. In any case, everything depends on the essence of the project used by the young, ambitious entrepreneur who wants to enter the business history. If you pack this project properly, you will find yourself on a pedestal!

Startup? What does it mean?

We have no doubt that most of you know the definition of this term, but not everyone has the proper idea of what a startup is. If, for example, you decide to open your restaurant, store (including online store) or a coffee shop, this is a common business idea. But a company like Uber, that at the moment is on the list of the most successful startups, is another matter. This taxi service is a serious organization at present, but at first it was an innovative idea that many investors became interested in. As of 2015, Uber capitalization was over $ 60 billion.

Is it needed to be from another Galaxy to make a site for a startup?

Definitely, no. It is enough to feel the essence of the project and transfer it to the competent team of designers and developers for implementation. Customer in this situation may be scared by the time and cost – it should be understood that startup website development requires a sufficient amount of time and money. On the contractor’s part, the reluctance to work over such projects is explained by the fears that the project fails. After all, hundreds or even more innovative ideas for business eventually go to a garbage bin.

Stages of preparation for success

To avoid that startup website development become an ordeal for both parties – the contractor and the customer, a phased approach is needed in the same manner as for development of any other web resources:

the study of a ready-made business model or its compilation from scratch (very often, inspired startup founders really have just one idea);

definition of the customer’s main goals;

discussion of action plan, coordination of decisions, development of technical specifications

work on the resource design;

page making and programming;

marketing part, including various channels of promotion.

The importance of design should be emphasized and in this case the matter is not a graphic component and other “decorations”. First of all, you need high-quality UI / UX-design, thanks to which your project forms a comfortable and reliable communication with users.

In addition, you need to carefully consider the overall packaging and presentation as it can be nearly decisive importance while presenting your startup to investors. Regarding target audience, the main thing here is an open, friendly relationship. When potential clients enter a resource they should feel comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, but not realize from the very first moment that someone without particular efforts wants to sell something as soon as possible.

It is definitely worth to create websites for startups. If you evaluate the project properly and realize that it is not for one day, the result would definitely please both you and the customer.