The Case “Promotion of the cleaning equipment sales company” | ROMI +1625

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This case presents the main stages and features of our work to increase the profit of the company Profitech. The customer specializes in selling of cleaning equipment of its own production and third-party brands. To attract the leads, as well as to increase conversions and ROMI, we used Google advertising tools and promotion in social networks Instagram and Facebook.

→ Topic

Service and sale of the industrial cleaning equipment

→ Task

Increase the number of the equipment purchases and calls to the service

→ Promotion region

Ukraine, emphasis on Kiev

→ Promotion Period

May – July 2018


ROMI + 1625%


Who is interested

The representatives of small and medium-sized business with the unformed or low demand for their products with a small budget. Besides that, this case of site promotion covers using different tools of Internet marketing, so it may be useful for the relevant professionals.

How we have achieved our goal

The customer sells high-pressure machines (HPMs) and professional industrial vacuum cleaners of both own production and other brands. Also, the company sells floor washers of exclusively third-party brands.

The customer wanted to focus on the sale of their own equipment, taking into account the sales of other brands as well. Based on this, we have identified the main categories of potential customers:

1) HPMs sales:

  • Vehicles service stations;
  • farmers;
  • car wash.

2) Vacuum cleaners sales:

  • Vehicles service stations;
  • car wash;
  • hotels;
  • cleaning companies.

3) Floor cleaning machines sales

  • supermarkets
  • warehouse owners
  • directors and managers of large shopping centers in Kiev (by geo-targeting)

To accomplish the task we used the Google Adwords service tools, as well as advertising in social networks Instagram and Facebook.




We have created 4 campaigns – 2 in search engines and 2 in display networks.

In the display networks, we have set up a remarketing campaign (for users who have already visited the site) and ads targeted at the selected segments of the potential customers.

The second campaign showed good results on clicks and cost, but due to the low conversion rates, we have turned it off.

Search campaigns, as seen in the screenshot above, have been divided into services and the equipment sales. Then we have created ad groups for these categories based on the selected keywords. Below are the lists of some of them.

For sales:

For service:






  • Leads – 75
  • Conversion – 4.87;
  • ROMI — 852%.



  • Leads — 137;
  • Conversion — 4.53%
  • ROMI — 1236%



  • Leads — 146;
  • Conversion — 3.94%;
  • ROMI — 987%.




ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) is an indicator of the recoupment of funds invested in promotion. In essence, this is the same ROI but in marketing. The calculation is made according to the same formula:

(profit – advertising expenses / advertising expenses) x100%

Good ROMI values start at 20% and at 1000%, the result is considered an unconditional success. Keeping in mind this fact, take another look at the indicators that we have achieved during the period of Profitech company promotion in Google.


Discrepancies between analytics and reports

The fact that a large number of applications from customers were telephone calls, and the form on the website has not been used, is not shown in the analytics on the screenshots. At the same time, we have indicated these clients in the general report for the customer. Telephone calls had to be captured in this way due to the unavailability of CRM system and telephony integrated into it. Therefore, all calls were made only on cell phone number, provided on the site.




Regarding website promotion, the case would not be complete if it lacked the information about the results of advertising in social networks. After analyzing the audience in Instagram and Facebook, we have convinced the customer that it would be advisable to run ads in these marketing channels. Since July, we have set up several campaigns in selected social networks for two purposes – a lead form inside Instagram/Facebook and attraction of traffic to the site.

Ad groups were configured according to the remarketing list from the selected list by audience. Below are some indicators achieved:



The campaign to attract traffic has encouraged us with the cost per page, but at the same time it upset us at a cost per conversion, and that’s why we have turned it off. But the lead form campaign worked perfectly. We managed to get cheap, but at the same time high-quality leads, despite the fears. More specifically, the quality indicator was about 70 – 75%, which, together with the high average amount of the transaction, has provided the excellent ROMI result.

We used different types of content as offers: banners, texts, as well as videos taken by the customer for his/her channel. We started testing the video since the end of June. Despite the fact that the videos quality is medium, the campaign was pleasantly surprised by the cost and quality of the leads.





We would like to note that due to the long period of the transaction in the customer’s niche, all provided ROMI indicators are not yet final and will grow. But based on the data for 2 months, we can conclude that the campaign was more than successful:

June – 58 leads, 12 deals, ROMI + 1876%

July – 413 leads, 26 deals, ROMI + 3175%

At the request of the customer, we do not publish the cost of leads and the amount of transactions.

At present we assist Profitech with the implementation of CRM system and IP telephony to reach the further increase of the number of transactions and profit indicators. To form this case, the promotion of cleaning equipment company site has inspired us due to its encouraging results. We hope you have learned the useful moments from our experience and will be able to use them to achieve even greater success!