Website Design

Let’s put your website in order

It’s not the design that is important to the client, but rather an impression of the final product. We know how important visual part is for your resource, that’s why polish it like Leonardo da Vinci was polishing Mona Lisa. But design isn’t just about esthetics, but a convenient functional element for a user. Harmonious combination of these aspects coupled with unique solutions for each customer is one of the principles of Wibe’s work.

We make your business sharp dressed

It is not the idea we begin with. The first thing of all is paying attention to what your business does, and then comes our common discussion of the most suitable visual solutions. And after that, the idea of how to connect all the components of the design comes into play, so that your clients would be fascinated with your website, and you with the growth of your sales numbers.

Our web design development process includes the following:

  • forming corporate style — your business will have a complete identity with a brand book and visit cards (corporate colors, fonts and styles)
  • enhancement of the UX — putting everything into the mock up and placing all main elements throughout all the pages for better user experience.
  • Making brand logos — personal symbols that increase your recognition and loyalty of your clients.

This is what tempting your users

It is said that first impression – is the right one. That’s why it’s not just time we invest into websites design, but the core of your business itself. Once user is moved to the main page, design begins to do its job right away. The longer person explores the web resource, clicks its sections and activates other elements of the interface, the more image of it takes root in his mind. It’s important to generate the image in the right way, so that making a purchase or ordering services wouldn’t keep you waiting.

The right design for the site implies emotions backed up with Internet marketing tools, and not just impersonal set of templates. And in order to activate consumer instincts rather than a desire to leave the page as quickly as possible, we wrap our websites from the heart. To do so, we don’t just stop on studying characteristics of your company, we embrace its philosophy. This allows us to clearly see the portrait of the target audience and understand how to win their hearts.


So, how much does this “banquet” cost?

Just like the other stages of web development, web design requires a detailed estimating of your requirements and wishes, which always effect the time and budget needed for development. As soon as you decide to order a website development from our team, we will contact you to discuss your goal. If you still don’t know what kind of web-resource you would like to have, we will gladly help you choose the most suitable one.