Why do I need a website for my business?

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Why do I need a website if everything is fine?

Let’s suppose you feel an entrepreneurial spirit and at the time being you sell clothing/jewelry/cosmetics/whatever on the Internet.

In order not to bother too much and save the budget you decided to sell your goods via the superpopular Instagram. Everything is going well, there are the orders, profits are growing, and why a website is needed in such conditions? You need a web resource because everything goes so well. And this is just one of many reasons.

It seems that demand insinuates – it is time to move on

We are not talking about that you have a lot of orders, but about whether your goods are interesting for Google and Yandex. Using the wonderful tools for search queries analysis (Google Trends and Yandex Wordstat) you will see what is related to your niche and how often users search. If the frequency of requests ranges from thousands to tens of thousands, there is nothing to think about why you need your website, and it is highly recommended to create it immediately.

What should be taken into account before your web resource creation?

Although the figures have convinced you that it is time to acquire something more than a business account in a popular social network, do not run to the very first web studio with an exclamation: “I want a website!”. First, you should take into account a number of nuances that will help you to face thousands of potential customers in a decent way:

  • to see how the competitors are doing;
  • to form at least a basic idea of how the future resource will look like;
  • to provide the web development specialists whom you refer to with the detailed technical project;
  • to be prepared for the fact that this initiative will take a month or more.

It is worth to note that in addition to the web site development it will take some time to promote it. Otherwise you will be unnoticed.

Why business needs website, or how to identify yourself on the Web

In addition to more coverage and a significant increase in profits, there is another answer to the question of why website is needed for your business. The point is that the image matters. Many people did not give value to it for a long time, until websites with “individuality” began to appear. Unique design, custom solutions for the content and a clear identity leave template competitors far behind.

You need a memorable look, that tries to surprise not only with a visual part or an extraordinary concept, but with a harmonious set of all elements. In that state you will take root firmly in the minds of users and they will associate you with the product or service that you offer.

Do I need a website to increase the recognition?

Before you start to sell something on the Internet, you have to explain to the target audience who you are, what is your field of activity and how you differ from others. Yes, you can increase your recognition via social networks, but it will be extremely difficult to make a proper impression without your own website. But if you are “packed” from all sides, the credibility both yours and your business will increase significantly.

Are there enough reasons to reach a new level of digital sales? Act!